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Be seen with AtEdge—the curated hub of high-end assignment talent.
By invitation only, a select group of photographers and directors are connected with the industry's most recognized creative directors, producers and global brands.

As a member, you’ll gain access to our exclusive marketing mix—a comprehensive blend of print, web, social media, and face-to-face events that keep your work in front of the right people all year long.

The Power of Print

1x Macroview / 4x Microview Books
There’s no better way to see a photograph than in print. AtEdge books are coveted and collected.

A new edition lands on art buyers’ desks every 90 days–a welcome respite from digital noise. Every AtEdge photographer is featured gallery-style on a spread in each of five annual publications.

Strategically curated to showcase imagery with a unique point of view, AtEdge books brand you over time and inspire creatives to seek out more of your compelling work.

Digital + Social

Still and motion portfolios, can be easily viewed by creative buyers who rely on our mobile-friendly search to find the talent they need.

Social Exposure
Be where creatives are looking and liking. Members are promoted individually and as a group on AtEdge’s growing social channels.

We keep a keen eye on what our members are up to, and encourage you to periodically send content for us to share on our growing social platforms and blog. Our original posts are designed to drive traffic to your at-edge.com portfolio as well as to your own social feeds and website.

Face-to-Face Events

Access the inaccessible at AtEdge member-only, industry-leading events* with the most powerful creative buyers and art producers in the industry.

Private Meetings
One-on-one time with relevant, senior-level creative decision makers.

Renewed relationships, new contacts with industry tastemakers and valuable insights put you on the road to new bookings.

* Membership guarantees access to one event, annually

Ann Elliot Cutting


A visionary photographer or videographer with world-class work. Busy with the hustle of continuing to broaden your network but marketing for yourself is neither your first passion nor something you have the time or expertise to execute as well as you’d like.

Join AtEdge
“I always feel like I am meeting with the cream of the crop when I attend AtEdge Face-to-Face. It’s not just another "Portfolio Review." It's an "Event" where real connections are made.”
Dana Hursey
I landed a big campaign for a top cruise line after an art director discovered me in the AtEdge print books. The international production hit all the marks that make me smile: creative collaboration, adventurous travel and challenging location work at sea and on the mountains.
Kevin Steele
“Getting your work in front of the right people is the goal of every photographer. AtEdge does that remarkably well. I know my work is seen by top creatives in the business.”
RJ Muna
"I’ve tried for years to manage our social media content along with the demands of running a busy studio. Last fall I decided to divert funds to AtEdge with extra Lattis Social Management. WOW, what a great investment this was. The Lattis team is responsive, supportive, and innovative. In a few short months our social media presence has increased threefold!”
Meredith Ott/Alice Blue
Production Studio
“AtEdge has cracked the code. Agencies and art producers pay attention and use it as a valuable resource. I’ve seen an increase in the number and quality of campaigns we do every single year.”
Richard Shultz
Sam Barker
“I reference the AtEdge books because they feature a high level of talent. I know I can find a food photographer, lifestyle photographer, car photographer... because the images are not skewed to one specialty.”
Mara I. Serdans
Senior Art Buyer / FCB
“I was so impressed with everyone  I met at Face-to-Face. Everything AtEdge does is high-caliber, carefully selected and curated, making it a reliable source for us when we need to hire a photographer.”
Darielle Smolian
VP, Senior Art Producer, Rokkan
“AtEdge is definitely a resource I use when I’m looking for a new photographer for a project.”
Glenn Phenicie
Associate CD, The Mars Agency
“When I go to the site I know I’m looking at strong photographers who will do quality work. The regional and category searches also help me find the right talent really quickly.”
Karen Blatchford
Senior Art Buyer / FCB
“I keep my personal stack of AtEdge books just outside my office and go right to it when I need to find a quality photographer. These guys are the heavy hitters.”
Daniel Gray
Creative Director / Dailey & Associates

Creative Buyers

Senior-level creative decision-makers from the most important agencies and companies in the world. Busy, just like yourself, they look to AtEdge as the reliable resource for hand-picked top talent. They’ll notice you on social, meet you face-to-face, have access to your work 24/7 via our digital library, and receive beautifully printed AtEdge lookbooks every 90 days, all so they can see firsthand how your work translates across platforms.

2020-21 Membership Rates

Closing Date: Spring 2020

AtEdge Program
12 monthly payments of $695

Full payment discount: 2.5% (please inquire)

*Participation in AtEdge is by invitation only and limited to just 150 photographers each season. Program sales may be closed when capacity is reached.

Book Deadlines + Distribution Schedule

Book 1
Microview 69

Size: 4.5” x 6″
Distribution Date: October 2020
Artwork Deadline: May 18, 2020
Proofs: June 2020

Book 2

Size: 7.125” x 9.5″
Distribution Date: January 2021
Artwork Deadline: August 3, 2020
Proofs: Sept. 2020

Book 3
Microview 70

Size: 4.5” x 6″
Distribution Date: March 2021
Artwork Deadline: September 21, 2020
Proofs: Oct. 2020

Book 4
Microview 71

Size: 4.5” x 6″
Distribution Date: April 2021
Artwork Deadline: November 9, 2020
Proofs: Dec. 2020

Book 5
Microview 72

Size: 4.5” x 6″
Distribution Date: June 2021
Artwork Deadline: Jan. 11, 2021
Proofs: Feb. 2021

Join AtEdge

We’re honored to promote top talent in photography and videography. As an AtEdge member, we become your partners in building your business. The best part is, you get to focus on creating beautiful work while we take care of the rest.

In addition to marketing and advertising outreach and exposure, photographers receive personal attention from our team of highly knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about photography, and really understand the who’s who and market dynamics.

Participation in At-Edge is by invitation only and is limited to 150 photographers a year. Complete the form below to be considered for our 2020-21 season.

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